How did I become the Social Media Maverick?

It’s been a wild ride, but I wouldn’t have it any other way…

Here’s my story…

I grew up a daughter of immigrants who came to the US in pursuit of the American Dream. My father is a self-made business owner and my stay-at-home mom is a mamaprenuer herself. They taught me two valuable lessons: 1) Family is always first and 2) If your job doesn’t let you focus on your family it’s the wrong job. Watching my parents run their own businesses is the reason why I love working with people who are pursuing their passion as their own boss.

Right out of college I dove into sales and marketing and became the youngest bilingual department manager at DialAmerica, one of the leading telemarketing firms in America. During the real estate boom of 2004, I got the real estate itch and ventured into the real estate/mortgage industry. In two years, I learned every last detail about the industry and became a bona fide licensed Realtor, Loan Officer, and Notary Public. However there was a problem: I wasn’t the boss. So in 2006, my business buddy and I ventured out and started our own real estate company, Think Home Team, LLC. I loved my being my own boss and being a Realtor, Owner, and Trainer but I worked myself to death and had no balance in my life.

In 2008, I gave birth to my first son Rockford, a prodigy boy whose Eidetic Memory had made international news by the age of two. After having Rockford, I was reminded of why I loved my mom being home with me. I remember feeling safe and confident in knowing she was always there to listen to me, kiss my skinned knee, and witness every childhood milestone. I experienced a paradigm shift in my life and slowly exited the real estate business, with my business partner reluctantly selling my half of business interest.

My start in Social Media

In 2010, I gave birth to my second boy, Rocco. It gets better: our family welcomed a third son, Roxton, in 2012. While I was five months pregnant with my third son and caring for two kids under four, I started looking ahead and decided to pursue a Master’s degree. During this time, I endlessly studied social media the same way I learned about the real estate industry. I knew regardless of the type of business I started, it would involve using social media media in some way. The more I learned about social media, the more I realized that it is a people business, and I’m a people person. Instantly, I knew starting a social media business was perfect for me: I would be running a people business that helps other business people and I would be my own boss.

So here I am, a stay-at-home mom who just earned her M.A. in Organizational Management who is also a Certified Social Media Manager. I have balance in my life. I get to enjoy spending time with my family and be able to build a business I am passionate and excited about. It is my most sincere desire to help other small business owners (like you) grow their business with the knowledge I’ve gathered over the years, even the wisdom gained from motherhood.

My story doesn’t end here.
This is where you come in…

I am on a mission to help small business owners like you, who are seeking balance in their life get a stress free start in social media. You probably hear again and again how social media is here to stay and how much you need to incorporate it into your business plan before your competition does and leaves you in the dust. Yikes! That’s intimidating, right?

With social media constantly changing, where do you find time to learn it, keep up with it, and execute it properly? Where do you start? And once you start, what do you do next?

This is where I come in. I want to help you focus on your first love: your business. The business you started because you want to use and share a gift or skill you possess. Social media is important to your business, but there’s no reason to add stress to your life especially when there is someone who can help you. Based on what you need to help you achieve and maintain your ideal work-life balance, I can help you get your social media started, provide expert advice and consulting, or even do it for you! It’s what I do, after all!

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“Realizing that I could do social media in one hour per week was very exciting and encouraging that it would not be a full time endeavor. You made me feel like you cared about my business and gave me practical, easy to use, and efficient ways to implement the plan.The tools that you provided were step-by-step things that I could do daily and weekly to make social media fun and workable for a non-computer person like me. Thank you Raquel.”

Maegan Davis, Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant


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